About us :)

We are a family of 5 humans who live on the edge of the mainstream. We have a whole bunch of non humans living with us (and lets be honest the cats rule the roost) We believe strongly in full time nursing, not vaccinating and home educating.
We grow a lot of food we compost and we recycle. we try to avoid the commercial madness that surrounds life as much as we can. We don't own a car, though hubby has a motorbike he uses to get to work and back.
We try our best to follow the teachings of Buddha as brought back to life by Thay ( Thich Nhat Hanh).
We believe in handmade and local whenever possible and encourage others to support their local shops and artisans whenever they can.
We have been called hippy's and treehuggers and thats ok with us :)

I can be found on FAcebook, twitter and hyves all using my own name :) If you want to connect with me trough there do send me a note so I know who you are.


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