Thursday, 26 May 2011

curriculum overhaul

so after a short while with waldorf grade one we realised it just wasn't for us. There is a lot that I find appealing in waldorf but it simply felt far too restricting for us.
We are using a mishmash of things now, a lot aimed at a rightbrained child because I think E is leaning that way, it certainly holds his attention & enthusiasm.

So here the links to bits and bobs we are using now. I'll probably forget stuff and come back later
Ellen McHenry (all the sciences a lot free some interesting paid for stuff)
MEP FAb complete math curriculum by plymouth uni. Based on the continetal Europe aproach to math
Ambleside online Online Charlotte mason based complete curriculum. many books used are available for free online.
World Builder this is really new and looks interesting though I have not got much of an idea about it yet. it is aimed at much older students but I'm thinking of modifying it for us.
SF Reading (grammar)
The great plant hunt Kew
Bring Science homea whole bunch of science experiments
Science Jimscience Jim has some fun freebies also on currclick.
sciencebox lots of free science stuff
Sheppard for Geography
Story of the world for history we ended up deciding on this one thanks to this blog
Progressive phonics Euan loves this!

REAL science odyssey
Peep in the big wide world
Koekeloere we use the programs to watch as its suitable for all 3 boys
HBB again something we can watch together as its suitable for all
Leesdas just for Euan
avi lezen again just for Euan. AVI is the dutch reading ability grading system. You start with 1 and work your way up to 10. When you get to that you are considered a fluent reader.
Lots of stuff in Dutch (from math to social studies)
squidoo a website where people can make a lens (a page) which contains a lot of  informations on one particular subject. There are a ton on Homeschooling
homeschoolshare lots of free unit studies & lapbooks
Happy Scientist has a membership section and a freebie section. Also he has a science question a day on Facebook.
worksheet works I especially love the maps

Iphone Well I won't link to everything because there is so much! For earthday  MyNature had all their apps for free which was great. I run stanza & kindle on my iphone which gives me access to some reference books and an amazing selection of literature for children and adults.

A fair amount of science stuff just because its so easy to tie all the other things into it, and far more fun than reading from a boring book!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

10 years

J 4 V

Today 10 years ago I got on a plane in Amsterdam, with everthing that I owned in 2 boxes and a suitcase, set for London and here I am still in the UK (though we left London because I just could not consider raising kids there) with the person I moved here for. Proving everyone who thought we'd not last the year wrong!

Anyway I thought it was worth a small celebration so I'm running a promotion on the ravelry shop use the code 10YUK(valid for the next 10 days) for 50% of my patterns. I'm also having a little giveaway. Just leave a comment on this post and I'll choose a winner in 10 days :)

Mini break

We spend a few days in brighton enjoying the company of some very dear friends, more wine than I have had in the past 6 years and 4 boisterous boys who all learned to share their toys.

We spend some time in Rottingdean a short busride along the coast from Brighton where we found some awsome hagstones and half a bucket of shells. We had lunch in a tiny little teahouse that served some great cakes, and the tables where cleared by a giant seagull!

We spent some time on the pier and had a day to spend at the sea aquarium. The best bit for the kids was seeing Nemo and Dory in the flesh :)

We got back after a long and exhausting journy involving 4 trains and a bus and the boys all falling asleep during the last 10 minutes of the trip.
For now I am caught up with the laundry thanks to the awesome weather and I'm catching up with the gardening.

Here's the slideshow of what was on the fuji I have more on the phones and ipods and whatnots but that will have to wait because the internets are sloooooow today :)


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