Friday, 25 April 2008

Our postcrossing map

Red flag are cards we sent blue cards we recieved and the green one is us :)

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Thursday, 17 April 2008

vintage-ish games and saladdays :)

J has taken a bunch of days of this month to have a bit of family time. So last weekend we hit the charity shops in search of treasures. We came home with 2 (highly addictive) games and a wooden never appeared to be used salad bowl plate and utensil set. on monday J went and picked up a game from gypsy lane santa ( I don't think euan has ever been as excited over a toy (not counting his guitar obviously) it is a bunch of plastic tubes and platform and 2 hand pumps with loads of little rockets that you fly trough the tubes. I'll have to make a pic.
J is in Wales for a couple of days hopefully his bike will behave as its been playing up a bit the last few weeks.
The garrden is growing, in the front I now have 6 currantbushes rhubarb, asparagus,and 3 empty beds 1 planned for artichokes one for the currants from the back to go in and one unplanned this year for E to grow stuff in. so far we have squash beans and corn going in.
The chickens are all laying eggs even tina whom we got late last year she's about 4-5 and hadn't laid an egg for a year or so. Speckel is my black/grey pekin lays huge eggs for her size and announces this very loudly
Willow is the proud owner of 2 very sharp teeth and both are growing rapidly.
I'm of to say if the batteries are charged so i can take some pictures


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